About Daniel Tester


Daniel Tester who specialises in traditional artistic wrought ironwork and blacksmithing who is based in the heart of the ashdown forest Nutley East Sussex.

My work is made using both traditional and modern skills to the highest standard and designed to meet your needs. I have 12 years of experience and was awarded the certificate of merit at the age of 19 by The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, at that time I was an apprentice to a award winning master blacksmith.

I have a special interest in traditional blacksmithing, which is using rivets, tennons and forge welding to construct a piece rather than electric or gas welding. This makes it easy for me to do restoration work because I can make the repairs using the same methods as was used in the original construction, this is the only way to make a good job. As well as blacksmithing I do machine work e.g. lathe work, milling and cnc plasma cutting. I also design and build hydraulic log splitters which can be made to meet your own needs.